Organic Beats with Babeli and Aerodice

With nothing else but their voices, mouths, lips and tongues, performing the Art of the Human Beatbox on the highest level and equipped with the ancient soundsynthesizers Didgeridoos and Jawharps - the two times German and European beatboxmaster Babeli and the didgeridooartist Aerodice create unique and stunning high energy dance music. Their Organic Beats are inspired by world and electronical music like Drum´n´bass, Dubstep, Goa, House or Techno but every sound they make is 100% natural.

Doing so they switch with ease styles and tempi, between meditative-hypnotic, from almost silent up to pushing danceable, mixed with a potpourri of surprising and unexpected elements. Their concerts are enriched with bliss, laughter and happiness, creating an atmosphere, where magic does appear. Since 2009 they played hundreds of gigs on various festivals, different occasions and venues made people dance all over the world. [Back]